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Legendary Audubon Art Can Now Be Yours

Renowned naturalist and artist John James Audubon -- after whom the Audubon Society was named -- may not have met his goal of painting every North American bird, but his remarkable works are still considered by many to be the finest of their kind ever made. The 435 life-size paintings were printed and sold between 1827 and 1838, in a subscription series called Birds of America. We have reproduced some of the works on fabric to use as decorations -- and you can use them in decor too. They are available at Spoonflower. Ten percent of the purchase price of these Audubon fabric prints will be donated to the Bedford Audubon Society.


Great Blue Heron

Not far from my farm, there is an active rookery where these birds nest and raise their young.


Sharp-Shinned Hawks

North America’s smallest hawks are not much bigger than a blue jay.



This bird eats almost nothing but fish -- and, in fact, has been called the fish eagle.


Great Horned Owls

These handsome and fierce predators prey upon small mammals and birds.