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DIY Chalkboard Garland: Art Meets Decor

A simple chalkboard garland serves double duty as art project and room decor.

Photography: Aaron Dyer

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2014



Multisurface chalkboard paint, in Black, $6 for 6 oz.; and in Clear, $7 for 6 oz.; by Martha Stewart Crafts,
Multisurface satin craft paint, $2 for 2 oz., by Martha Stewart Crafts,
Large flag shapes, 4-inches-by-5 3/4-inches, in Natural Wood, $4.50 for 3; and large pennant shapes, 3 3/4-inches-by-5-inches, in Natural Wood, $4.50 for 3,


  • Black or clear chalkboard paint

  • Wooden or fiberboard pennants

  • Chalk

  • Chalk eraser

  • Waxed twine


  1. Brush three coats of black or clear chalkboard paint onto the front of wooden or fiberboard pennants; let dry between coats. (If desired, paint the edges with a bright-colored craft paint.)

  2. Prime the painted pennants by rubbing chalk over the surface; erase.

  3. String them onto waxed twine -- then hand over the chalk.

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