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How to Dip-Dye a Sailor Bracelet

Very similar to tie-dyeing, dip-dyeing adds a fresh pop of color and can be completed easily in less than 30 minutes.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Dye

  • Containers for holding the dye

  • A rack for drying the bracelets

  • Plastic gloves--this will be messy!

  • Plastic wrap or a plastic tablecloth

  • Paper towels


  1. Gather your materials and soak bracelets in water until saturated. Cold water dye used for tie-dyeing is the easiest dye to work with. We like Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye.

  2. Prepare dye according to package directions and pour into a shallow bowl, about 1/2 an inch deep -- or the depth to which you'd like to dip the bracelet.


    Pick up your soaked bracelet and let the excess water drip off, then  carefully place it in the dye container. The water in the bracelet will help draw the dye upward. If you want to experiment, you can dye them dry but there will be less of an ombre effect.

  3. Let the bracelet sit for up to a minute. You will see the dye start to work its way up the fibers. The color will continue to saturate the bracelet as it sits. If you don't think there is enough color, you can always dip the bracelet again.


    Move the bracelet to a rack to dry. The dye will drip, so make sure to place something waterproof underneath to soak up the drips before they have a chance to stain.


    It's helpful to layer paper towels on top the plastic to keep the drips from seeping under the plastic.

  4. Let your bracelet dry completely then rinse well until the water runs clear. This may take multiple rinses.


    Soaking in a glass overnight helps work out the dye.


    You can repeat the dye process on the other side of the bracelet if you want two colors meeting in the middle now that the first color has set.


    Finally, enjoy your dip-dyed bracelet!

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