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Galaxy Guy Halloween Costume

Cosmic couple, indeed: These shimmery space people are more Studio 54 than Area 51 (or any other alien hangout) in costumes crafted from everyday hardware-store supplies, including dryer tubing, pipe insulation, Mylar sheeting, and metal-repair tape.

Photography: Henry Leutwyler

Source: Martha Stewart


For a space-age sheen, follow these instructions for hair and makeup, omitting false eyelashes, silver eyeliner above eyes, and the glitter.


  • Makeup sponge

  • Iridescent silver cream makeup

  • Silver glitter hair spray¬†

  • Silver liquid eyeliner

  • Rubber boots

  • Metal-repair tape

  • Dryer duct

  • Scissors

  • Painter's suit

  • Leather gardening gloves

  • Bubble gun

  • Acrylic margarita glass

  • Chrome spray paint

  • Silver clamp light

  • Thin headband

  • Hot-glue gun

  • 2 5-inch aluminum pie tins

  • Wire


  1. For the boots, cover a pair of rubber boots in metal-repair tape. Cut a 28-inch piece of dryer duct; slice lengthwise and press open. Cut into two 6-inch-wide pieces. Wrap tubing around tops of boots and secure with metal-repair tape.

  2. For the suit and collar, spray a painter's suit, leather gardening gloves, bubble gun, and acrylic margarita glass (for the hat) with chrome spray paint; let dry. For the collar, wrap dryer duct around neck, trimming to fit; secure with metal-repair tape.

  3. For the hat, remove the bulb socket from a silver clamp light; attach fixture to a thin headband with metal-repair tape. Hot-glue painted margarita glass to top of fixture. Cut rims from 2 mini (5-inch) aluminum pie tins. Snip 1 inch from one rim to make it smaller than the other and hot-glue shut. Wire rims together, one about 1 1/2 inches above the other, then wire to stem of glass. Tilt one rim for an orbital effect.

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