Cosmic couple, indeed: These shimmery aliens are more Studio 54 than Area 51 in costumes crafted from everyday hardware-store supplies, including dryer tubing, pipe insulation, Mylar sheeting, and metal-repair tape.
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Make your own alien costume this Halloween with this space-age-chic galaxy guy outfit. This DIY involves a bit of elbow grease, but the final product is definitely worth it. For an out of this world sheen, follow these instructions for hair and makeup


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

For the boots, cover a pair of rubber boots in metal-repair tape. Cut a 28-inch piece of dryer duct; slice lengthwise and press open before cutting into two 6-inch-wide pieces. Then wrap the tubing around the tops of the boots and secure it with metal-repair tape.

Step 2

For the suit and collar, spray a painter's suit, leather gardening gloves, bubble gun, and acrylic margarita glass (for the hat) with chrome spray paint and let it all dry. For the collar, wrap dryer duct around the neck, trimming to fit; secure it with metal-repair tape.

Step 3

For the hat, remove the bulb socket from a silver clamp light and attach the fixture to a thin headband using the metal-repair tape. Hot-glue the painted margarita glass to the top of the fixture. Then cut rims from two mini (5-inch) aluminum pie tins. Snip one inch from one rim to make it smaller than the other and hot-glue shut. Wire rims together, one about 1-1/2-inches above the other, then wire it to the stem of the glass. Tilt one rim for an orbital effect.


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