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Galaxy Girl Halloween Costume

Cosmic couple, indeed: These shimmery space people are more Studio 54 than Area 51 (or any other alien hangout) in costumes crafted from everyday hardware-store supplies, including dryer tubing, pipe insulation, Mylar sheeting, and metal-repair tape.

Photography: Henry Leutwyler

Source: Martha Stewart


Metallic leggings and glittered shoes complete the otherworldly ensemble. To make the glittered shoes, follow the same technique as when making the hat (below) to cover a pair of thrift-store shoes in glitter. Once the glue is dry, spray shoes with hair spray to keep the glitter in place.


  • Makeup sponge

  • Iridescent silver cream makeup

  • Silver glitter hair spray

  • False eyelashes

  • Eyelash glue

  • Silver liquid eyeliner

  • Silver glitter

  • Small paintbrush

  • Craft glue

  • Thin headband

  • Plastic spoon

  • Acrylic martini glass

  • 2 5-inch aluminum pie tins

  • Metal-repair tape

  • Hot-glue gun

  • 2 foil cupcake liners

  • 8- and 9-inch aluminum pie tins (1 of each)

  • Wire

  • Silver dryer-duct tubing

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Mylar

  • Double-sided foam adhesive

  • 1/2-inch-wide ribbon or seam binding

  • Masking tape

  • Pipe insulation

  • Gray leotard

  • Fast-drying craft glue, such as Magni-Tac


  1. For the makeup, use a makeup sponge to apply iridescent silver cream makeup to face, lips, ears, and neck. Spray hair with silver glitter hair spray.

  2. Apply false eyelashes to upper eyelids. Paint details above eyes and at the outer corners with silver liquid eyeliner.

  3. Press silver glitter onto cheeks, temples, and edges of forehead with your fingertips.

  4. For the hat, pour silver glitter into a shallow bowl. Use a small paintbrush to apply white craft glue to top of a thin headband, working in small sections. Holding headband over bowl, spoon glitter over craft glue; shake off excess. Repeat until entire surface is covered; let dry. Repeat process to coat an acrylic martini glass with glitter. Affix 2 mini (5-inch) aluminum pie tins to sides of headband with metal-repair tape, to cover ears. Squeeze tins into points at tops and bottoms. Hot-glue one foil cupcake liner to center of each tin; pinch tops into points. Tape headband to martini glass along the inside front rim. Trim the rims from one 8-inch and one 9-inch aluminum pie tin. Place the smaller rim inside the larger one and connect with wire; use wire to secure rims to the stem of the martini glass. Tilt one rim for an orbital effect.

  5. For the skirt, connect 2 pieces of silver dryer-duct tubing with silver metal-repair tape to make one 8-foot length (use wire cutters to cut excess; reserve extra tubing). Cut an 8-foot-by-20-inch piece of Mylar; secure the long edge to duct tubing using double-sided foam adhesive.

  6. Fold the Mylar back over foam adhesive; reinforce folded seam with metal-repair tape. The seam will be on the outside of the skirt.

  7. Fold the Mylar back again so that you are working with the underside of the skirt. Place a 10-foot length of 1/2-inch-wide ribbon or seam binding (for the drawstring) along the top of the Mylar, about 1 1/2 inches from edge. Make a channel by folding Mylar edge over the ribbon; secure with masking tape.

  8. Bend dryer-duct tubing into a ring to make skirt; connect the tubing with metal-repair tape and the Mylar with masking tape. When you are ready to get dressed, step into skirt and cinch the drawstring at waist.

  9. For the collar, cut a length of pipe insulation to fit collar of leotard. Wrap in Mylar, securing with fast-drying craft glue (such as Magni-Tac). Once dry, bend into a ring and secure with metal-repair tape. If desired, secure to leotard with metal-repair tape.

  10. For the cuffs, measure circumference of wrist. Cut a piece of dryer duct to that measurement. Slice it lengthwise and press open. Cut the duct lengthwise into thirds, discarding one third. Cover all exposed edges with metal-repair tape. Wrap duct pieces around wrists; secure with metal-repair tape.

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