Bring on the fans! This costume deserves it's own postage stamp. (Elvis Presley inspired the most popular commemorative stamp ever.) Underneath his cotton cape, lined in aqua lame, is a dress shirt shimmering with gloriously gaudy fake gemstones secured with fabric glue. The belt is a wide ribbon, also decorated with gems, safety-pinned at the back. For the pompadour, we slicked his hair back with gel and poofed it up; the sideburns are eye pencil.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Kids Capes Sizing Chart_xl
Step 1

Use this diagram to gauge how long to make the cape. These sizes are based on the average 7-year-old; if your child is significantly taller or shorter, measure from the base of his or her neck down to the intended hem (the neckline measurement will stay the same no matter what your child's size). When buying fabric, purchase yardage equal to twice the length of the cape. For this costume, the cape should extend to the wrist.

Step 2

Fold two pieces of fabric (the outer layer and the lining) in half, and stack. To mark the curved cutting lines, tie one end of a string to a fabric marker or chalk. For the neckline, tie a knot 2 1/2 inches away from the marker. Hold the knot at one corner of the fabric at the fold; pull string taut, and draw the small curve as though using a compass. To mark hem, measure the appropriate distance along the string (see above in previous step for reference), tie a knot, and draw curve as before. Pin layers together; cut along both marks.

Step 3

Unfold fabric and stack, right sides facing; pin together. Stitch around the perimeter of the cape, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance and leaving a small gap at the bottom of the semicircle. Clip off seam allowance at the corners.

Step 4

Reach in through the gap, and turn the cape right side out. Hand-sew the gap closed.

Step 5

To transfer the design of the eagle (print our template) to the cloth, pin it in place, and poke a sharpened pencil through the paper at each dot to make a light mark. Place gemstones at marks, then affix with fabric glue. Glue additional gemstones onto the shirt. Let dry overnight.

Step 6

Safety-pin the cape to the shirt at the neck, along shoulders, and at cuffs, inserting pins through the inside of the shirt and the lining of the cape.


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