One look at Martha's captivating costume dispels any notion that practicing sorcery means looking like a wicked witch. Here, full-on glamour takes the place of dark robes and a dreary pallor. The result? A powerful enchantress who glimmers from head to toe.

The Costume

Bedecked in crystals and stars, Martha radiates spectral sophistication. Her ruched gold stole requires some sewing, but no hard-to-find materials; her jewelry is made from Christmas ornaments and crafts-store supplies. With a little paint and hot glue, a branch becomes a magical staff. Martha wears her own gown; scour vintage or thrift stores for something similarly sparkly.

The Makeup

A dramatic take on the traditional smoky eye, framed by sparkling brows and mystical tattoos, completes Martha's look. Peering out from extra-lush lashes, her electrifying eyes are enhanced with theatrical contact lenses. The crystals that adorn Martha's brows are vintage; you can find a variety of faux jewels at crafts stores or costume-supply shops.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

For stole, cut a panel of tulle 3 feet wide by 8 feet long. From the remaining fabric, cut 28 6-inch-wide strips and 20 8-inch-wide strips, each 8 feet long. Make the first ruffle: Fold one strip (of either width) in half lengthwise. Place it on top of main panel, aligning its folded edge with one long edge of panel. Starting at corner, sew strip to panel 1/2 inch from fold, gathering the strip every 1 or 2 inches to make a ruffle (ruffle will be about half the length of main panel).

Step 2

Fold first ruffle away from main panel, and repeat with second ruffle just underneath, aligning folded edge with first seam; stitch 1/2 inch from fold. Continue in this manner, alternating 6- and 8-inch strips at random. Wear finished stole by wrapping ruffled portion around shoulders, with unruffled edge at neck, and letting unruffled train drape over your arm.

Step 3

For necklace, remove loops from gold star ornaments. Lay a 3-foot length of embroidery floss in a U shape. String ornaments, arranging them so they overlap and cluster together in the middle. Intersperse stars with plastic crystals in various shapes and sizes as you go.

Step 4

For staff, find a branch in your yard (or buy one from a crafts store or florist). Prune to desired shape. Spray branch with gold paint; let dry. Hot-glue star ornaments and plastic crystals to staff.

Step 5

For dangling crystals, loop a short piece of embroidery floss through a teardrop-shaped crystal, then thread both ends through 1 to 3 small round beads. Tie crystals to the branch.

Step 6

Start with clean, dry skin. Apply temporary tattoos to forehead and around eyes, following manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7

Line upper and lower lids with black liquid eyeliner, sweeping liner upward beyond the outer corners of eyes. For deep, opaque eye color, paint a base layer of liquid eyeliner on lids and upper eye sockets, creating a slanted cat's-eye that extends above eyelid crease. Apply eye shadow over liner: Use black shadow on lid and charcoal shadow above the crease; blend with a soft brush. Paint a thick line of liquid eyeliner on eyelids over shadow. Use eyelash glue to apply false lashes to upper lash line. For extra fullness, glue together multiple sets of lashes (Martha is wearing three pairs) and then apply to upper lid. Apply just a few lashes (snipped from a full set) to lower lids at outer corners of eyes.

Step 8

Lie down or tilt head back. Using eyelash glue, adhere crystals to eyebrows (have a friend help with placement). Let glue set 2 to 3 minutes, then glue stars to inner corners of eyes and underneath eyes, in the middle. Apply sheer primer or tinted moisturizer under eyes and around nose (do not apply makeup over tattoos); brush bronzer on cheeks. Finish with light-colored lipstick.

Step 9

A cotton-candy-like bouffant perfectly suits a high sorceress of Martha's stature. Professional hairstylists started with a long blond wig then added synthetic hair in two hues to create the towering tresses. Complete your own disguise with a wig of your choice, or have your hair styled in a sweeping updo.


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