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Whitewashed Dining Table

Our dining table for eight is made from wooden legs and an inexpensive slab door.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2014



Solid-core slab door, $56,
Wegner table legs, 27 inches, in Soft Maple, $26 each; straight-leg cleats, 28 inches, in Soft Maple, $23 each; and flattener cleat, 28 inches, in Soft Maple, $21;
Vintage decor paint, in Linen, $10 for 8 oz.; and Vintage decor clear wax, $10 for 8 oz.; by Martha Stewart Crafts,
Tucker chair, in Fog,


  • Solid-core slab door, 32 by 80 inches

  • 4 table legs, 29 inches each

  • 2 straight-leg cleats (with screws)

  • Flattener cleat (with screws)

  • Sandpaper, 220 grit

  • Decor paint and paintbrush

  • Dust-free cloths

  • Wax furniture finish

  • Drill with 1/8-inch bit


  1. Lightly sand all surfaces of door, legs, and cleats.

  2. Dilute paint by combining 2 parts water and 1 part paint. Brush onto door (all sides), cleats, and table legs. Partially screw legs into leg cleats to hold upright; let dry.

  3. Remove dry legs from cleats. With a dust-free cloth, apply wax finish to all surfaces; rub in (it’s okay if it looks streaky and slightly inconsistent). Let sit overnight. Buff with another cloth.

  4. Place door top-side down on a clean work surface. Center leg cleats widthwise 6 inches in from each end of door, and flattener cleat in middle (to keep table from sagging). Mark hole locations with a pencil; drill pilot holes. Reposition brackets and screw them in. Screw in legs.

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