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Leather Paper Towel Holder

Here's a stylish solution for keeping paper towels handy. All you need to hang the roll from the wall are riveted straps of leather and a wooden dowel.

Photography: Ryan K Liebe

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2014


  • Awl or rotary punch

  • 2 pieces of natural-cowhide leather strap, each 20 by 1 3/8 inches

  • 1-inch dowel, cut to a 17-inch length

  • Rivet and setter

  • Drill and screws

  • Plastic wall anchor (optional)

  • Hammer and decorative brass nails


  1. With awl and a mallet or rotary punch, make 5 small holes in leather strap as indicated on diagram. Repeat with other strap.

  2. Loop first strap in half, align holes (7 inches in from each end), and set rivet. Repeat for other strap.

  3. Hold looped strap to desired spot on wall. Peel back front layer of strap. With a pencil, mark wall through screw hole. Remove strap and predrill a hole in wall in marked location. (Set plastic wall anchor, if needed.) Repeat for other strap.

  4. Hammer nails through holes on both layers of leather. Repeat for other strap.

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