Denim Storage Bin

A double ply of denim makes a sturdy material -- just the stuff for a storage bin for knitting supplies, little toys, and anything else that needs a tidy home.



Denim and Railroad Deluxe denim, by Robert Kaufman,

Note: In the steps below, the first measurement is for the smaller bin, the second is for the medium bin, and the third is for the larger bin.

What You'll Need


  • 2 24-by-13-inch pieces of contrasting denim, at least 12 to 14 ounces
  • 2 42-by-14-inch pieces of contrasting denim, at least 12 to 14 ounces (for larger denim bin)
  • 2 12-by-6-inch pieces of contrasting denim, no more than 10 ounces (for smaller denim bin)
  • Sewing machine and supplies
  • Tailor's chalk


  1. Sew fabric pieces together along 12-, 24-, or 42-inch side, pressing seam toward darker side (which will be bin interior).

  2. mi111398_softbox_step1_v4_vert

    Fold work in half and sew along long side, leaving a 3-, 4-, or 6-inch gap in darker side and creating a tube.

  3. mi111398_softbox_step2_v4_vert

    Position tube so seam is down center; press seam open. Sew short ends closed.

  4. mi111398_softbox_step2b_v3_vert

    Reach hand into seam gap and turn work right-side out. Push with fingers to sharpen corners.

  5. mi111398_softbox_step4_v4_vert

    Tuck lighter side (which will be bin exterior) into darker side. Hand-sew gap closed with a blind stitch.

  6. mi111398_softbox_step5_v4_vert

    Fold bottom corner point over 1, 2 1/2, or 5 inches, making sure corners are smooth. With tailors' chalk, mark fold line. Pin in place through all layers of fabric. Sew along chalk lines. Repeat with other corner. Turn lighter-fabric-side out; fold over rim as desired.

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