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Fabric-and-Leather Catchall

Corral your desk’s loose papers and odds and ends in a chic yet simple-to-assemble shallow leather box.

Photography: Ryan K Liebe

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2014


Railroad striped denim, by Robert Kaufman,
Economy single shoulder of leather, 4–5 oz.,
Deluxe rotary leather punch,
HeatnBond ultrahold iron-on adhesive,
Suede lace cord, 3 mm,


Smaller Catchall Variation

To make a smaller catchall, create a 5 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch version of catchall template on paper, then follow remaining instructions in how-to.


  • Single shoulder of leather, 4 to 5 ounces

  • Craft knife

  • Lightweight denim, 3.75 ounces

  • Iron-on adhesive, such as HeatnBond

  • Awl or rotary punch

  • Large-eyed needle

  • Suede cord or waxed twine, 1/2 yard


  1. Following dimensions in diagram, create a template on paper; cut out. Trace onto leather and cut out with craft knife.

  2. Fuse fabric to leather with iron-on adhesive; fabric should be about 1/2 inch larger than leather in all directions. With scissors, cut away excess fabric.

  3. Using awl and a mallet, or rotary punch, make holes as indicated on template.

  4. Thread needle with cord or twine. Sew a few times through a pair of holes to connect a corner. Pull tightly after each stitch, and finish with a square knot. Repeat for all corners.

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