Nestle your tablet inside a customized felt-lined denim sleeve. A half-yard of each fabric lets you make enough for yourself -- and a few friends.
Read step by step instructions after the video.


Denim and Railroad Deluxe denim, by Robert Kaufman,
Wool felt, 1 mm, in Ecru,
HeatnBond ultrahold iron-on adhesive,
W-3 leather washers, 3/4" by 1/4",
Easy-to-Do rivets and setter,
Unglazed square press plate, in Natural,


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Following dimensions in diagram, create a template on paper and cut it out.

Step 2

Cut denim so it’s several inches larger, in all dimensions, than wool felt. (Both pieces of fabric should be slightly larger than template.) Fuse denim to felt with iron-on adhesive, ironing on denim side.

Step 3

Place template on fused fabric and lightly trace with a pencil. Cut out, using craft knife and straight edge.

Step 4

Use awl and a mallet, or rotary punch, to make small holes, as indicated on template. Place a small scrap of excess fused fabric at same points on felt side (to reinforce rivets). Align hole of a leather washer over one hole and set a rivet through washer, fabric, and scrap. Repeat for other rivet.


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