Join us on a six-week craft- and activity-filled adventure as we savor the joys of summer and make every moment count. Share photos of you and your kids taking part in our summer activities on Instagram and Twitter -- and don't forget to use hashtag #SavorSummer!

Some things are meant to be savored; summer is definitely one of those things. And while it brings a welcome excuse to slow down and enjoy, the season always seems to fly by before we've had our fill.

Well, this year, we're not taking it lying down. Okay, we will be lying down sometimes, but we also plan to be very busy -- having fun, that is, and we hope you'll join us!

We've handpicked six weeks' worth of our most popular Martha Stewart crafts and activities to help make each little moment of summer count. Here's how to participate in Savor Summer:

1. Choose an activity: Start now! For the next two weeks, we're focusing on activities that celebrate one central summer-friendly theme: play. Try the playful activities below to inspire your inner child -- or entertain your actual one.

Credit: Johnny Miller
  • For adults: Make the No-Sew Beach Cover-up: If the most childlike thing you'll do this summer is splash along the shore, our simple no-sew beach cover-up will help you do so in style. Put your own personal spin on this popular DIY!

(Check back in for more activities at the end of July!)

2. Follow our uber-creative blogger friends for inspiration: Be sure to follow the amazing Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, publishers of the popular website Cool Mom Picks, and crafting sisters Kristi and Kelli of the awesome blog LollyJane, who will be creating play-themed projects of their very own, walking you through their processes, and inspiring you to put your own personal spin on summer fun.

3. Photograph the fun! Then share it on social media using hashtag #SavorSummer: We want to see you making and modeling your fab beach cover-up. And we'd love to see your kids crafting DIY play materials and creating sidewalk art, play-dough sculptures, and giant bubbles. Share your photos on Instagram and Twitter-- or on our OfferPop page -- and they might even end up on!


4. Enter to win great prizes: Three lucky participants who share their photos using the hashtag #SavorSummer will be entered to win a set of five artisanal sweet and savory jams from our friends at The Jam Stand, part of our Martha Stewart American Made Market.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out these super-creative kids' crafts and ladies' DIY cover-ups we found all around the Web.

Credit: Lucas Allen

Our hope is that come September, you'll look back on a season well spent. You might even walk away with a souvenir or two. But above all, you'll make enough magic to leave the sweet taste of summer lingering all year long.

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Martha Stewart Member
July 17, 2014
I've just had the chance to catch up on Martha Stewart's awesome website. I really love the idea of #SavorSummer sharing pics. I will defiantly add this to my summer fun!!