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Frame Border Punch Embroidered Gallery Wall Frames

Using our daisy-petal frame border punch, stencils, and craft paint, you can create these unique embroidered pieces of art with a frame to match.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Various Martha Stewart stencils

  • 3-x-5-inch, 4-x-6-inch, and 5-x-7-inch paper

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Daisy Petal frame border punch

  • Needle with a wide eye or tapestry needle

  • Clear tape


  1. Create your own graphic artwork using Martha Stewart Craft paint and stencils. Artwork that is 3 x 5 inches, 4 x 6 inches, or 5 x 7 inches is the correct size to fit inside of the frames, but larger artwork can be cut down to size using the Martha Stewart Crafts paper cutter.

  2. Create frames using the Daisy Petal frame border punch. Punching just the center frame gives a cameo style look. Follow the instructions provided with the punch to create the correct size frame for the artwork you have chosen.

  3. Thread your needle with a piece of yarn and loop it through the first hole in the paper, going from back to front.

  4. Secure the end of the yarn to the back of the paper frame with a small piece of clear tape.

  5. Whipstitch around the holes in the frame formed by the punched petals.

  6. When you have finished, secure the other end of the yarn to the back of the frame using clear tape.


    Attach your artwork to the back of the frame using clear tape.


  8. If desired, use additional tape and yarn to create a picture-hanging “wire.”

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