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Floral Designer Amy Merrick's Top Five Tips for Arranging Flowers

Merrick’s bouquets often involve more than just flowers, as in this romantic arrangement of blueberries, roses, and begonias.

1. Pick a Simple Palette

“It can be overwhelming to choose what looks good with what, but selecting all warm or all cool colors will always look cohesive and beautiful. When in doubt, keep colors in the same family."

2. Use the Right Tools

“I like Japanese ARS clippers for pruning and arranging -- they’re very sharp but lighter than most clippers, so my hands don’t get tired at the end of a long day.”

3. Work with Different Heights

“Clip flowers at a variety of lengths to give your arrangement a more natural look. Use full flowers, branches, foliage, or something with an interesting texture as the base for an arrangement.”

4. Forgo the Foam

“Instead of foam, I use chicken wire and pin floral frogs to support arrangements. It’s much better for the environment and creates a looser look.”

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Improvise

“I keep a pair of clippers with me, just in case I pass particularly pretty roadside wildflowers. I leave a lot of room for the unexpected.”