Credit: Marcus Nilsson

President Abraham Lincoln's inauguration and funeral procession, the founding of the United Nations in 1945, the first American ascent of Mount Everest -- each of these historic moments was commemorated with the display of an American flag. And each banner was sewn by Annin Flagmakers. The oldest such company in the United States, Annin transitioned from a sail-making enterprise to a flag manufacturer in 1847.

Today, it remains family-owned and produces about 15 million American flags annually, ranging from pocket-size to 30-by-60-foot versions. Customers often look to the company for the final word on flag etiquette. (Is a porch light sufficient illumination for Old Glory? Answer: Yes.) For Annin, there's both a proper, time-honored way to construct the flags -- and a respectful way to fly them.


Every part of Annin's American flags and bunting -- from the thread to the grommets -- is sourced from within the United States. In addition, the flags are handcrafted in the company's New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia factories. "We have such a longstanding history," says marketing manager Dale M. Coots. "That means we have to live up to our reputation."

Flag, by Annin Flagmakers, 5' by 8', $92 (cotton) or $112 (nylon),


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