Lavender oil can help you relax -- which makes it a great ingredient for a little sachet to drop in the water when you’re drawing a bath. These sweet pouches of “tub tea” are wonderful hostess gifts.

Get our lavender-scented soap and lavender-infused oil recipes and instructions.


Lavender buds, $11.50 for 1 gal.,
Fine and coarse Dead Sea salts, $5.80 for 2 lb.,
Spice bags, $8 for 12,


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Blend oats in food processor or blender until powdery. (This is known as colloidal oatmeal; you can also buy prepared colloidal oatmeal at drugstores.)

Step 2

In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup colloidal oatmeal with lavender buds and both salts. Mix in essential oil.

Step 3

Scoop mixture into pouches, about 1/4 cup in each bag; tie tightly.


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