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Francesca Finds Morel Mushrooms


Sharkey! Come and see what I just found!


Here I come, Francesca! You sound very excited!


Yes, indeed, Sharkey! I have found quite a few wonderful morel mushrooms. People say they're delicious but kind of rare, so they're in high demand, very valuable, and tend to fetch a pretty penny in farmers' markets. That's why mushroom lovers are so excited to find them in the wild. And even though they're easy to identify with their spongy, honeycomb-like appearance, it's best to hunt for them -- or any mushrooms, for that matter, with an experienced forager. 


Franny, I've heard that morels live in and on the edge of forested areas.  They like to grow under ash, aspen, elm, and oak trees. These, however, seem to favor growing at the base of a horse chestnut tree.


In any event, we should get a basket and pick these for Martha. She enjoys morels sauteed over fresh pasta or in an omelet.