New This Month

Bandanna Decoupage Votive Holders

Classic bandannas are an easy, affordable way to bring all-American colors to a table and all summer long. Try decoupaging glass votive holders or hurricane lanterns with them. Or fold them, tuck utensils inside, and tie with colored twine.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer
Candlelight will glow through the cloth.


Trim bandanna to fit height and circumference of glass votive or hurricane. Brush decoupage finish onto glass. Wrap bandanna around it, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles with your fingers. Let dry. Recoat fabric with decoupage finish. Let dry completely before using.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer
Wrap utensils into a neat package.

Durable decoupage finish, by Martha Stewart Crafts, in Matte, $10 for 8 oz.,