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In Our Pantry: Miso

Photography by: Raymond Hom

We prefer organic (non-GMO) miso

Used in Japan since the 12th century, this protein-rich fermented soybean paste is a world-class flavor foundation. We use three types -- shiro, aka, and awase -- to impart the savory taste the Japanese call umami to salad dressing, roasted chicken, even pasta and chocolate sauce.

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Where to Buy

You'll find these misos at Asian markets and most supermarkets, and at

How to Store

Shiro miso can be stored in the refrigerator up to three weeks; aka and awase, up to four months.

Photography by: Raymond Hom

Shiro (White)

Made from soybeans and rice and fermented no longer than two months, this gateway miso is creamy and mildly salty. Shiro (shee-roh) elevates the other flavors in a salad dressing, and it does the same when tossed with hot cooked vegetables.

Photography by: Raymond Hom

Aka (Red)

Aka (ah-kah) miso, made from a higher proportion of soybeans to rice (or barley), is fermented up to three years. It adds depth to a sweet ganache, provides protein in a glaze for grilled eggplant, and is an instant flavor base in stews and braises.

Photography by: Raymond Hom

Awase (Mixed)

This blend of shiro and aka misos is more savory than shiro yet gentler than aka. We think awase (ah-wah-say) works especially well in a buttery pasta sauce and on chicken. You can also mix shiro and aka to make your own blend.