Give your screen door a simple summertime makeover.

Inspired by a similar idea in Abbey Hendrickson's book You Are Awesome (Cicada, 2012), we stitched a house number in colorful nylon twine directly into the mesh, using its existing grid as our foolproof guide.

Mason twine, by Everbilt, in Neon, $5.25 for 250 ft.,


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Print desired number templates; cut out.

Step 2

Trace onto screen with chalk.

Step 3

Thread a few feet of twine into a size 18 tapestry needle, testing to ensure it fits through the screen (it will fit through most); knot. (To keep ends of twine from fraying, carefully melt ends with a lit match.)

Step 4

Starting at a corner of the number, insert needle from back of screen and pull through. Push needle back into screen at next corner (it's okay if it's a very long stitch).

Step 5

Continue with stitches on alternating sides of screen until you reach starting point. Then stitch entire number again, so thread appears as a continuous line.

Step 6

Knot cord and melt end.


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