Everything You Need to Host a Beautiful Brunch


Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or hosting a get-together "just because," here are some of our favorite ideas for a beautiful brunch.

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Plan Your Menu

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When it comes to brunch, your options are myriad: You can serve breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, or a combination of the two. We suggest choosing one egg dish and one heartier dish, plus a cocktail or mocktail. Consider finishing off the menu with a fruit salad or pastries.

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Eggs-cellent Options


When deciding what egg dish to make, take into account how much time you have to prepare and how much time you want to spend at the stove: Fritattas take a bit longer and require more ingredients than scrambled eggs, for instance. Then browse through our favorite egg dishes.

Get the Strata and Fritatta Recipes

Get the Omelet Recipes

Get the Poached Egg Recipes

Get Scrambled Egg Recipes

Get the Quiche Recipes

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Stay Sweet


Who doesn't love a stack of pancakes, waffles, French toast, or crepes? A sweet option is always welcome at a brunch fete. Here are our favorite recipes for these breakfast treats.

Get the Waffle Recipes

Get the Pancake Recipes

Get the French Toast Recipes

Get the Crepe Recipes

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Stir Things Up


Mix batter for pancakes, waffles, crepes, and more with this set of Acacia kitchen utensils from Macy's.

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Rise and Shine

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Get into the party spirit by serving up a delicious daytime cocktail. Try one of these 11 morning sips.

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Fresh Juice


Squeeze fresh juice to serve on its own or as part of a brunch cocktail with the help of this citrus press from Macy's.

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Serving in Style


Use this melamine pitcher from Macy's to serve guests nonalcoholic beverages, like fruit juices and ice water.

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Ripe for the Picking

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Gather seasonal fruits and mix up one of these refreshing salads.

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Pretty and Practical


Mix batter or serve fruit salads or pastries in these colorful mixing bowls from Macy's.

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Fresh Breads, Scones, Muffins, and More


Pay an early-morning visit to the bakery, or -- if you're feeling so inclined -- try one (or more) of these delicious pastry and bread recipes.

Get the Coffee Cake Recipes

Get the Muffin Recipes

Get the Scone Recipes

Get the Quick Bread Recipes

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Pick a Palette


Plan a brunch that's also pleasing to the eyes: A cohesive color palette will do the trick. In this case, we chose an all-white theme for the decorations and centerpieces. These centerpieces are perfect because they have white vessels with white flowers with just a touch of green -- understated yet sophisticated.

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Daytime Decorations


These white paper medallions make a big statement without costing a lot of money or taking up much time. Hang them above your dining table or the buffet table for maximum impact.

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An Extra-Special Touch


Take the decorations one step further by hanging these white streamers behind the buffet table or gift table as an elegant backdrop.

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Elegant Faux Glassware


Pour on the charm with these party-friendly wine glasses made from unbreakable melamine.

Get the Melamine Wine Glasses from Macy's

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Elegant Faux Glassware


Add these melamine water glasses to the table for a classic place setting.

Get the Melamine Glasses from Macy's

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