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Bakers' Must-Haves: Madeleine Pan

Attempting to make madeleines, classic French tea cakes, for the first time can be intimidating -- even for a seasoned baker. But it doesn't have to be. Just grab a madeleine pan, follow our prep and baking instructions, and -- voila! -- dessert is served.


Why You Need It

This specialized pan is the only type you can use to make the darling of French pastries. It's nonstick, so your creations will slide out easily. Once you master the art of the madeleine, you'll have an elegant go-to dessert for any get-together.

Madeleine Recipes

Madeleines can be made in a variety of popular flavors, from traditional vanilla to chocolate, lemon, or even peanut butter. Get essential madeleine-making tips along with a few of our favorite recipes.

Madeleines 101

More About the Madeleine Pan

Even if you can't make it to France, homemade madeleines straight from your kitchen are quite the treat. Use this carbon-steel madeleine pan to make 12 petite cakes at once; its nonstick surface makes whipping up a batch of these buttery tea cakes foolproof.

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