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Bakers' Must-Haves: Collapsible Cupcake Carrier

Serving platters and baking pans just weren't designed to travel well. What's worse than showing up with a batch of cupcakes that are smashed and crumbled from sliding around a traditional dish? Keep that from happening to you by using a cupcake carrier to transport your next batch of baked goods.


Why You Need It

Here are a few reasons for investing in this handy device:

  • Icing and decorations will stay in place.
  • You'll avoid spills, messes, and fuss.
  • It keeps baked goods fresher longer.
  • This particular model collapses, so it's easy to store.

Cupcake Recipes

Cupcakes -- from the cake itself to the frosting and even the filling -- come in wide variety of flavors. Here are some of our favorite -- and easiest -- recipes for scrumptious cupcakes:

Get the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Get the Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Get the Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Get the Banana Cupcakes Recipe

More About the Martha Stewart Collection™ Cupcake Carrier

The lid can be raised to make room for tall, layered cakes and lowered to hold up to 24 cupcakes. With locks on the sides and an easy-carry handle, this carrier is the secure way to take your baked goods on the road. And its collapsible design makes it convenient to store.

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