Everything You Need to Host an Ice Cream Social


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... ice cream socials! This summer, cool off in style by hosting a party that uses ice cream as its central theme.

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Choose Your Flavors

Naho Kubota

Store-bought ice cream can be tasty, but you can whip up a batch of your own unique flavor at home. Click through for some of our favorite recipes for ice cream, sorbet, and gelato.

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Serve Them Right


Make sure you have enough bowls, spoons, and serving vessels before the event. These pieces in our Americana line for Macy's are perfect for ice cream and for displaying topping choices for guests to choose from.

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Two Scoops, Please


This set comes with bowls that are the ideal size for ice cream -- and plenty of toppings. The best part: They're plastic, so they won't shatter if they slip out of little hands.

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Sundaes, Any Day

Marcus Nilsson

Chocolate sauce, nuts, and cherries are standard, but let these recipes inspire you to stock a more robust sundae bar to allow for creativity.

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Contain Your Toppings


Toppings will fit perfectly in the compartments of this dish.

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Tasteful Toppers


These decorative cupcake toppers would look just as adorable in scoops of ice cream.

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Tray Chic


Make setup and cleanup a breeze with this tray, perfect for carrying all of those ice cream and topping bowls. And don't forget the spoons!

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Shakes and Floats


Bring your sundae party to the next level by providing fixings for milk shakes and floats too.

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Let guests fill these festive mugs with their favorite flavor of float or shake. Fun straws are the cherry on top.

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Cool Coasters


Lay out these decorative and functional coasters for guests to rest their floats on.

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Other Ice Cream Treats


It's all about options. In addition to serving ice cream with DIY toppings and embellishments, consider offering premade frozen treats too.

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Treats to Go


When the party wraps up, send guests home with cookies, candy, and other toppings packaged in these sweet boxes so they can re-create their own sundae bar at home.

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Spills and Messes


Make sure you're prepared for any spills or messes (think melting ice cream and spilled sprinkles). Our American kitchen towels will go with the theme of the party, but are also useful.

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