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A Small Kitchen Gets Gorgeously Gray

Aaron and John's Chelsea, New York, kitchen was dingy and cramped, with rickety appliances and gloomy cabinets. There wasn't even room for the fridge, which -- along with the microwave -- had to be kept outside the kitchen. Desperate for help and a serious redesign, the couple called upon Susan Hughes of Modify Interiors to transform the kitchen into a beautiful, usable space.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

The new space, in its calm, cool color palette, now includes spots for the fridge and the microwave -- which used to live outside of this room -- plus ample storage.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

In addition to space for all the appliances, a small kitchen island has also been added. Susan tore into a wall between the kitchen and living room, which created more countertop space in the kitchen and a new, open area for entertaining.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

To ensure there was ample counter and storage space, the designer opted for a two-burner cooktop and a space-saving drawer dishwasher. The Martha Stewart countertop, cabinets, and paint in Sharkey Gray -- plus the subway tile -- keep the color palette clean and the room feeling larger.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

The neutral color palette was carried throughout the apartment into the living room for a seamless transition.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

A corner of the living room was transformed into a breakfast nook. Thanks to the creative furniture choices and arrangement, the small room is now a more functional space.

Photography by: Donna Dotan

With just a few clever changes, the space now feels a lot more open and inviting -- and perfect for entertaining.

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