New This Month

Refresh Your Refrigerator

Nearly everything that goes into your unit will eventually end up on your plate. With that in mind, we explain the best ways to disinfect and degunk your kitchen’s most utilized (and beloved) appliance.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

A New Shelf Life

You’ll need to slide out the shelves to give them a really good washing. Before you put them back, reconsider your refrigerator’s storage space -- can you use more height between shelves for that family-size bottle of ketchup? -- and reconfigure if necessary.

Odors, Begone!

When an open box of baking soda isn’t enough to get rid of a stubborn smell, cover a rimmed baking sheet with any of the following options, and leave it in the refrigerator until the odor is neutralized:

1. Fresh coffee grounds
2. Unscented chlorophyll cat litter
3. Activated charcoal

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Seal of Approval

After wiping the door gasket with a solution of baking soda and warm water, use a cotton swab to dig out any gunk between the pleats. Avoid cleaners with bleach, petroleum, or ammonia: “They’ll compromise the seal,” says Laura Johnson, LG Electronics’ home economist.

Tip: Change the filter for your water dispenser every six months. A clogged filter is often the culprit for “slow drips and ice cubes that come out very small,” says Anthony Attanasio, owner of Appliance Doctor, in New York City and Yonkers, New York.