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This cinnamon-vanilla rice drink is a frothy Mexican classic. Rice flour offers a nice shortcut, eliminating the customary need to soak grains of rice overnight and grind them. Condensed milk gives the blend sweetness. For a spiked version, stir in a little rum.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2011
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Strained horchata can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

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  • sirninger2000y
    2 APR, 2017
    The problem with this recipe is it tries to make a shortcut by using rice flour instead of actual rice. All one has to do is use dried rice and run it in a blender until it is coarsely ground, and then add either water or milk and let it sit for a few hours. I then quickly run the blender one more time and finely strain. Using rice flour instead of coarsely ground rice is the difference between making watery paste and an infused liquid. You can adjust the thickness down by using water or 2% milk, or by blenderizing the rice and rice mixture less.
  • nataliii
    22 DEC, 2013
    I followed this recipe except for the whole milk. I had 2 percent. The taste was great but me n my boyfriend (both of us are horchata lovers!!!!)thought it was waaaaaay too thick!!!!! I diluted it with water and it tasted much better. My mom makes it with rice which she first toasts of a cast iron skillet. Hers is great but this recipe is my recipe now. It was definately a time and labor saver. this is a must try recipe n you can adjust to your liking.
  • melphys
    27 SEP, 2013
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  • Usman244
    3 AUG, 2013
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  • Sara Gomez
    30 MAY, 2013
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  • Sara Gomez
    30 MAY, 2013
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  • Charlotte Rouhandeh
    10 OCT, 2012
    the first time i made this it was not really horchata AT ALL. I would suggest using almond flour instead (traditional horchata uses it), and rice milk. stir in some ground cinnamon as it simmers, and only use about half of the recommended sweetened condensed milk.
  • Gale Mercado
    21 JUN, 2012
    (continued) you can make a simple syrup with the sugar and some extra water, vanilla and cinnamon sticks. Let it simmer awhile (5 min) to let the cinnamon infuse. Strain the rice water to remove the rice and add the simple syrup
  • Gale Mercado
    21 JUN, 2012
    This is not authentic Horchata in the least. It is much too thick and is not made with milk, but rather water with a splash of milk. This recipe would be better for making ice cream. 1 cup of long grain rice, 4 cups of water, 1 cup of milk, 2 cinnamon sticks, a vanilla bean and 3/4 - 1 cup of sugar. Horchata is a rice infusion so using rice flour is a bit much. Just blend the water and rice in a blender for about a minute then stick it in the fridge at least 4 hours to overnight.
  • JenCanCook
    28 FEB, 2012
    Made this twice. First time, too creamy & sweet, like melted vanilla ice cream (not always a bad thing). Second time=fabulous, with changes: we skipped the whole milk & condensed milk. Instead: 4 c nonfat milk plus 1/2 c half and half (its what we had on hand), 1/3c sugar plus 1/4 c powdered milk (to sort of approximate condensed milk). Cooled it on counter for 1 hr, strained it with standard sieve til we got to the bottom grit, tossed the grit. Put the cinn stick back in to increase flavor.

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