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Bubble Party

  • By Rory Evans
  • Photos by Sang An

Champagne, balloons, caviar. Throw a festive bubble-themed party, and fun will be all around. 

Your plans for the evening are up in the air, in the best kind of way: a bubble-themed party. Shimmery and playful, bubbles are naturally festive, making them the perfect theme for a variety of celebrations, including a New Year's bash, an engagement cocktail soiree, or a birthday party. Here you'll find everything you need for an elegantly effervescent party. The menu makes a nod to bubbles' shape and iridescence, with salmon roe and cucumber rounds and a cake topped with nonpareils. And the crafts and decorating projects elevate basic, affordable supplies into something extraordinary: a chandelier of cascading spheres, a wall festooned with pearlescent ballons, and a cake stand that appears to be bursting with bubbles. So round up your guests, stock up on Champagne, and prepare for a very bubbly evening. 

The Invitation

This three-layer invitation is evocative of a cluster of bubbles. To re-create it, download clip art, embellish with glitter, and assemble with clasps. As your guests arrive, give them vials of bubble liquid (with a wand attached) and watch everyone turn into kids again as they blow away. 

The Bar

When making a toast, raise a coupe of Champagne or a glass of fizzy rum punch, kept cold with balls of frozen melon. Chill other beverages with ice balls that have been tinted with aperitifs and molded in special trays. A bubbly backdrop can be created by filling clear balloons with iridescent colored glitter. 

The Table

Create a setting that abounds with bubbles. Decorate with candlesticks topped with glass orbs and buckets full of them. At each setting, tie a ribbon around a folded napkin as with a gift, and tie it to another piece of ribbon attached to a small helium ballon. Balloons overhead add to the celebratory feel. 

The Hors D'Oeuvres

Have a ball with the appetizers, offering an assortment of flavors and textures. Cool salmon-roe-and-cucumber toasts, cheddar cheese balls infused with ruby port and coated in ground almonds, and delicate gougeres are shown. 

Hors D'Oeuvres Menu

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    Aged-Cheddar and Port Cheese Balls

    Cheese balls aren't usually described as sophisticated, but this aged cheddar version –– which reveals swirls of port inside –– is refined enough to fit right in at cocktail hour. 

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    Blue Cheese Gougeres with Caramel and Salt

    Anyone torn between their salt-loving and sweet-craving sides will love these blue-cheese pastry puffs that are dipped in caramel and sprinkled with coarse salt. 

The Desserts

End the evening with bubbly sweets: a mocha cake covered in nonpareil truffles, fluffy coconut cupcakes, and effervescent Champagne parfaits. 

Mocha Bubble Cake and Coconut Cupcakes

Jolts of cocoa and espresso flavor every layer of this decadent cake, while unsweetened coconut flakes give the cupcakes their light-as-air appearance. 

Rose Champagne Gelee and Tapioca Parfaits

In these dessert parfaits, tapicoa sits atop a gelee that sparkles with suspended Champagne bubbles. 

The Favors

Send your friends home with a sweet reminder of the fun. Package easy-to-make oversize chocolate nonpareils in plastic boxes lined with rounds of iridescent cellophane. Fill a plastic sphere with cellophane and round candies. Piled high in a large footed glass bowl, they almost appear to be floating. 

Bubbles: The How-To Guide

All the know-how you need to make the elegant, effervescent decor and accents for a bubble-themed party.