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Polymer Clay Charm Necklace

Who knew a geometry lesson could be so cool? Piled on a chunky faux-metal thread-wrapped chain, nearly two dozen square charms cheerfully mingle with four or five rectangular ones. The mix looks random, but the colors are limited to six to give the piece just enough cohesion. 

Photography: Ditte Isager

Source: Martha Stewart


Change the style of this necklace by experimenting with different colors and proportions of squares to rectangles. Use a few colors that pop to keep it modern. 


  • 24-inch thread-wrapped chain

  • Jump rings

  • Round-nose pliers

  • Flat-nose pliers


  1. The necklace shown requires twenty 1 1/4-inch square and five 1-1 3/4-inch rectangle charms, prepared using the Cutting Flat Shapes technique. 

  2. Measure out a 9-inch section located at the center of a 24-inch chain. 

  3. Lay out charms along section to determine final design and color placement. 

  4. Using jump rings, attach 1 charm to each link of the chain. Hold 1 end of the ring with round-nose pliers while opening and closing ring with flat-nose pliers. 

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