Create an easy, sophisticated hanging decoration.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Hold 1 pin with pliers, and bend it 90 degrees with your fingers. Cut a 4-foot length of silver cord. (If you want your chandelier to hang higher, cut shorter lengths; for lower, cut longer.) Knot 1 end of cord around the bend in pin. Dab with glue at knot to secure. Feed pin into hole in 1 glass ball. Once pin is inside, gently pull cord to position. Repeat with remaining glass balls.

Step 2

Working over a soft surface, arrange balls in a cluster: Start by grasping just a few in one hand, and adjust the length to form a cluster of varying lengths. Add single balls as you go, adjusting length as you wish and adding the cord to the cluster you’re grasping.

Step 3

Thread the loose ends through washer, and tie a knot, leaving a tail of about 18 inches. Optional: Wrap tail around washer to cover it completely. Secure with fabric glue. Hang from a hook anchored in the ceiling


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