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Bubble Invitations

Craft irresistible invites to set the party’s theme.

Photography: Sang An

Source: Martha Stewart



Mini brads (similar to shown), $2.49 for 48, and medium brads (similar to shown), $3 for 48, by American Craft Elements, from
Premium Presentation matte paper, 8 1/2" by 11", $13 for 50 sheets,
Iridescent glitter, in Sugar Cube, $20 for assorted-color 12-pack,
Square envelopes, 5 1/2", in Soho Gray, $7.25 for 25,
Love Knot bubble wand, $9 for 36,


  • Heavyweight printer paper

  • Mini hole punch

  • Small paintbrush

  • Craft glue

  • Clear iridescent glitter

  • Brads (mini and medium)

  • 5-inch square envelopes


  1. Download the clip-art invitations. Print on heavyweight printer paper. Cut along the circle outlines with scissors. Using hole punch, make holes where marked on template.

  2. Using paintbrush, apply a thin layer of glue over some of the circles on the invitation. Gently pour glitter over glued areas, then lift and shake invitation to remove excess. Assemble the invitations: With 1 medium brad, attach the medium-size white circle to the large yellow circle. Then, with 1 mini brad, attach the small pink circle to the white circle. Repeat for all invitations.

  3. For each invitation, rotate the pink circle inward, so it covers the text on the white circle. Then rotate the white circle so that it hides the text on the yellow circle. Place invitations in envelopes. (Each invitation should look like a text-free stack of circles when pulled from the envelope.)

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