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Glitter Balloons

Make a shimmery wall of balloons.

Photography: Sang An

Source: Martha Stewart



Balloon pump, $5,
Balloons, in Clear, 5", from $5.79 for 100; and 11", from $2 for 12;
Iridescent glitter, in Sugar Cube, Lemon Drop, and Cotton Candy; $20 for assorted-color 12-pack;


  • Iridescent fine glitter (several different colors)

  • Small bowls

  • Clear 5- and 11-inch balloons

  • Funnel

  • Spoon

  • Balloon pump

  • Adhesive hooks


  1. Pour glitter into individual bowls.

  2. Stretch each balloon to make inflation easier. Insert funnel into the lip of each balloon, and add glitter using spoon: For small balloon, use 1 teaspoon; for large balloon, use 2. Adjust amounts to achieve desired color.

  3. Using pump, inflate each balloon. Move glitter around balloon by adjusting angle of the nozzle. (Do not blow up the balloons with your mouth, since you’ll risk inhaling glitter.) Knot balloon. Create an arrangement on a wall, securing balloons to wall with adhesive hooks.

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