Glitter Balloons

Creating festive décor, like these shimmery balloon garlands, will make any small get-together come alive.

Photo: SANG AN

When following our tutorial on how to make glitter balloon garlands, you can piece together an unforgettable display with ease. Simply arrange them for a party decoration or photo booth. All that's needed to complete the garland is balloons, glitter, an air pump, and adhesive hooks so you can adhere them to the wall in a garland shape.

What You'll Need


  • Martha Stewart Fine Glitter Set ($15.30,
  • Small bowls
  • Clear 5- and 11-inch balloons
  • Funnel
  • Spoon
  • Balloon pump ($5.84,
  • Adhesive hooks


  1. boundless-beauty-d106323-balloon-glitter-how-to-0414_vert

    Pour the glitter into the individual bowls.

  2. boundless-beauty-d106323-balloon-fill-how-to-0414_vert

    Stretch each of the balloons to make the inflation easier. Insert the funnel into the lip of each balloon, and add the glitter using a spoon: For a small balloon, use one teaspoon; for a large balloon, use two. Adjust the amounts to achieve the desired color.

  3. boundless-beauty-d106323-balloon-pump-how-to-0414_vert

    Using the pump, inflate each balloon. Move the glitter around the balloon by adjusting the angle of the nozzle. (Do not blow up the balloons with your mouth, since you'll risk inhaling glitter.)

  4. Lastly, knot each balloon. Then create an arrangement on a wall, securing the balloons to the wall with the adhesive hooks.

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