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No More Dish Dilemma: Let Us Set Your Easter Table

Photography by: Mike Krautter
The Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's

Setting the table can be such a chore; that's why we've done it for you.

With gorgeous dishware from the Martha Stewart Collection, it's simple to bring a clean, white look to your spring table.

Shop the Martha Stewart Collection Rhodes glassware, Lisbon Collection, and Belle Mead Whiteware.

Perfect for Easter brunch or dinner, this contemporary collection adds a seamless, modern touch to your dining room.

The best part: You can get the whole dining room set for less than $100!

Learn more about our Rhodes glassware, Lisbon Collection, and Belle Mead Whiteware.

Haven't figured out your menu yet? Don't sweat it. These 14 delicious Easter menus have been tried, tested, and perfected.

Now that you've put together such an impressive spread, don't let your decor disappoint. Add a dash of color with one of our beautiful pink flower arrangements.

Or put together a simple yet showstopping spring centerpiece.

We hope these last-minute ideas elevate and inspire your holiday.

Happy Easter!