Floral designer Livia Cetti, author of The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers, shares how to make a charming branch of paper cherry blossoms.
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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Print and cut out the petal template. Cut 25 2-by-3-inch pieces from the raspberry, salmon, or fuchsia tissue paper. Divide them into 5 stacks of 5. Place the template on one stack. Trace the template and cut it out to make five petals. Use zigzag scissors to trim the top edge of the petal. Repeat with the remaining stacks.

Step 2

For the bud balls, cut two 1-by-1-inch and two 2-by-2-inch squares from the raspberry, salmon, or fuchsia tissue paper. Crumple one of the smaller pieces of tissue into a ball and wrap it with a larger piece of tissue. Hold the ball in one hand while wrapping the floral tape around the base with the other. Repeat to make the second bud ball.

Step 3

For the centers, fold the green strip of tissue paper in half lengthwise and cut a ½-inch fringe along the folded edge. Cut the fringed strip into five 2-inch pieces. Fold a double-headed yellow stamen filament in half. Tack it together with a ½-inch piece of floral tape. Wrap the green fringe around the stamen, positioning the fringe so that the stamen extends ½ inch above it. Secure with floral tape. Repeat to make 5 centers.

Step 4

Shape petals: Add a dart to each petal. The 3-point fold for the dart should extend from the bottom of the petal to ½ inch from the top. The base of the dart should measure about ¼ inch across and taper to a point. Repeat with the remaining petals. Gently pinch the base of each petal to give it a cupped appearance.

Step 5

Assemble blooms: Each cherry bloom is composed of 5 petals. Attach the bottom end of a petal to a center with floral tape, wrapping and winding the tape down and around the center, about 1 inch beyond the base. Place the next petal alongside the first, overlapping their edges by ¼ inch, and wrap the base with tape. Repeat with the last 3 petals. Fluff and open the bloom, adjusting the petals as needed. Repeat to make 5 blooms.

Step 6

Assemble branch: Trim the bottom of each bud and bloom with scissors, leaving ¼-inch base. Prepare the branch by removing any natural leaves or buds. Place a small amount of hot glue on the base of a bloom and hold the bloom to the branch while the glue dries. Repeat with the remaining blooms and buds.


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