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Making Floral Crowns at Erin Fetherston's Cosabella Launch Party

It's finally spring, and there's a sweet trend emerging right along with the daffodils: floral crowns.

Photography by: Kate Neal

Darcy Miller Nussbaum, Martha Stewart Weddings' editorial director, first spotted feminine floral crowns at two separate events in New York City: Old Navy's spring collection market and the launch of the new Cosabella bridal lingerie line by Erin Fetherston, fashion designer and gorgeous cover bride from the Weddings Fall issue. Even The New York Times has taken notice!

Fetherston hosted a fun party where guests crafted these whimsical floral crowns to take home with them. Here's a peek at the event, plus how to make your own!

Photography by: Kate Neal

Alana Jones-Mann designed the headband crafting table. She found silk flowers at local thrift and vintage shops, but new flowers are readily available at fabric stores. The blooms were displayed in vintage bowls, jars, and teacups for a functional, eye-catching centerpiece. These are from Little Vintage Rentals.

Photography by: Kate Neal

It’s not a party without treats! Guests enjoyed Dana’s Bakery macarons, displayed on vintage china cake stands.

Photography by: Kate Neal

Erin Fetherston adding the finishing touches to her headband.

Photography by: Kate Neal

The woman behind those delicious macarons, Dana of Dana’s Bakery, in her finished creation. What better craft project for a baby shower, birthday, or even a simple girls' night in?

To make your own, follow Jones-Mann’s instructions: 

Photography by: Alana Jones-Mann

Step 1: Shape the paper wire around your head to from a crown. Twist to close.

Step 2: Wrap thin floral wire around your chosen fabric flowers. For large flowers, string floral wire through the center or underneath the base.

Step 3: Secure flowers to crown by tightly wrapping the floral wire around the crown.

Step 4: Once happy with the placement of your flowers, position onto head and wear!