New This Month

Form an Attachment with Simple Accessories

Photography by: James Ransom

You can decorate a top, a hat, or a hairstyle with one of these flowers -- it just depends on which pin or clip you choose.

1. Brooch

A classic pin backing -- sew on the flower and attach it to a garment.

Nickel brooch pin (#BP09n), $1,

2. Shawl Pin

Slide the point through the flower’s back, then use it to hold a scarf closed.

Shawl pin (#LM-9), $24,

3. Hatpin

Try this pin without its catch to adorn a hat. With the catch, it works as a lapel pin.

Nickel hatpin (#RP-72), 70 mm, 50 cents; and nickel hatpin catch (#KB-11.3), 11 mm, 75 cents,

4. Bun Pin

This U-shaped pin sticks securely in a bun.

Hair stick, type U, 75 mm, $2,

5. Bobby Pin

An upgrade on the basic hair clip, it has a perforated end that’s easy to sew through.

Hairpin with screen disk (#HP10), 10 mm, $2.25,