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Plexiglas-and-Pegboard Organizer

The family command center gets a modern upgrade thanks to Day-Glo Plexiglas. A sturdy pegboard base proves perfectly suited for sorting mail, displaying photos, and storing small items. Watch the full how-to

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


Tempered wood pegboard, by Triton Products, 24” by 48”, $30 for 2,

Transparent fluorescent acrylic sheets, 1/8” by 12” by 12”, $10,

Fluorescent colored acrylic rod, 1/4” by 6’, $5,

Acrylic knife, $2.60,

PlasDrill Bit, ¼”, $7.05,

Elastic cord, 3 mm, $1.25 per yd.,

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  • Wooden pegboard

  • Gray spray paint

  • Neon Plexiglas sheets

  • Marker

  • Plastic cutter

  • Sandpaper

  • Electric drill

  • Plastic drill bit

  • Neon acrylic rod

  • Gray elastic cord

  • Handsaw

  • Mallet


  1. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray the pegboard with gray paint until evenly coated; let dry completely.

  2. Use a marker to indicate the size Plexiglas pieces you’d like to cut (ours measure 4” by 6”, 6” by 6”, 6” by 9.5”, and 1.75" by 5.75"), making sure that the corners of the piece line up with holes in the pegboard. (Tip: You can also order Plexiglas in custom sizes from

  3. Using a plastic cutter, score the Plexiglas along the marker line. Place the sheet on a table so that the score line lines up with the table edge. Slowly bend the overhanging side of the sheet down until it snaps. Remove the backing from both sides and lightly sand the edges.

  4. Holding the Plexiglas up to the pegboard, mark the location of the pegboard hole at each corner with a marker.

  5. Place the Plexiglas on a scrap piece of wood. Using a drill fitted with a plastic drill bit, slowly drill through the sheet where marked.

  6. Cut 2 lengths of elastic cord a few inches longer than the height of the Plexiglas piece. Tie a knot at one end; starting at the back of the pegboard, thread the other end through the bottom hole of the pegboard and Plexiglas, then through the top hole, pulling the elastic taut and securing with a knot at the back of the board. Repeat with the second piece of elastic cord on the opposite side. Slip photos or envelopes under the Plexiglas.

  7. To make pegs, cut the acrylic rod into 2-inch-long segments using a hand saw. Lightly sand one end of each peg to taper slightly; gently tap the tapered end into the board with a mallet. Hang keychains, scissors, rolls of tape, or other items from pegs.

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