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Coconut-Fiber or Grapevine Nests

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2008


This craft project adopts a naturalistic style. Some of the materials can be found at crafts stores and florist shops; others might come from your yard.

Attach your coconut-fiber or grapevine nest to branches and add a bird and eggs to complete the vignette.

Get the Bird's Nest with Branches How-To

Get the Crepe Paper Birds How-To

Get the Speckled Eggs How-To


  • Coconut fibers or grapevines

  • 24-gauge brown wire


  1. Gather coconut fibers or grapevines to form a ponytail; secure 1 end with 24-gauge brown wire.

  2. Curl secured end to form a coiled base; continue to curl, adding new bundles and wiring every few inches until nest is formed. (Ours are 2 to 4 inches across.) Secure end with more wire. Adjust by hand to create a cup for eggs.

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