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Hide & Chic Bracelets: How To

Leather bracelets work well with almost any personal style: A thin single strand looks sleek and modern, while a loose grouping of bracelets conveys a bohemian vibe. Make them yourself with little more than some basic, inexpensive cord and clasps. Soon you’ll have plenty of choices to wear -- and plenty to give away as gifts.

Photography: YASU+JUNKO

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2014


You can find leather cord or tape at bead shops and crafts stores. If you can’t locate a color you like, simply brush on some multi-surface craft paint and let it dry. String beads onto the leather as desired, then choose any of these options to finish the jewelry (you can make necklaces as well as bracelets).


  • Bead (for bead closure)

  • Cord

  • Hook-and-loop clasp (for hook-and-loop closure)

  • Multiuse adhesive, such as Duco Cement (for hook-and-loop closure)

  • Paper plate (for hook-and-loop closure)

  • Straight pin (for hook-and-loop closure)

  • Shank button (for button closure)

  • Embroidery floss (for button closure)


  1. Bead Closure: Select a bead with a hole large enough to fit both ends of cord. Wrap cord around wrist, add 3 inches (to accommodate knots), and cut.

  2. Slide one end of cord through bead; knot and trim. From opposite direction, slide other end through as shown, above; knot and trim.

  3. Hook & Loop Closure: Pick cord that fits snugly in clasp (in a single or multiple strand). Wrap around wrist, subtract 1 inch, and cut.

  4. Squeeze a dime-size drop of glue onto plate. With sharp end of pin, generously coat inside of clasp, then push in cord end. Repeat with other end. Let set several hours.

  5. Button Closure: Select a button that fits cord. Wrap cord around wrist, add 2 inches, and cut.

  6. Slide one end of cord through button, fold back, and wrap with floss to secure. Fold other end back and wrap with floss. Tie off floss.

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