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Free Printable Leprechaun Trap from SVG Cuts

Leo and Mary Kowal, the crafting couple behind SVG Cuts, created this printable leprechaun trap. SVG Cuts won the 2013 American Made Audience Choice Awards. Photos by Leo Kowal. 

Photography: Leo Kowal of SVG Cuts

Source: Martha Stewart


Catch a sneaky leprechaun by luring him in to this welcoming inn. Blinded by greed, the leprechaun will have no idea there's no floor inside and he'll be trapped in your box. Print the templates on four colors of cardstock (light green, medium green, dark green, and cream) and follow the scoring guide to fold and assemble the trap. For a detailed how-to video of this project, visit SVG Cuts on YouTube

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  • Two 8 1/2-X-11-inch pieces of cream card stock
  • Five 8 1/2-X-11-inch pieces of dark-green card stock
  • Three 8 1/2-X-11-inch pieces of medium-green card stock
  • One 8 1/2-X-11-inch piece of light-green card stock
  • Craft glue
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Precision scissors

  • Embossing folder to texturize roof panels ("Diamonds" by Sizzix used)
  • Trellis Loop Trim Deep Edge Punch by Martha Stewart Crafts
  • Various buttons and craft gemstones
  • Nine inches of string, embroidery floss, or baker's twine
  • Two foil-covered chocolate coins
  • Adhesive squares
  • Tape
  • 23 inches glitter ribbon or tape
  • 23 inches gold sequin trim
  • Hot-glue gun
  • One package of moss
  • Bone folder


  1. Print out the three templates at full size onto colored card stock (two pages of cream, five pages of dark green, and three pages of medium green).
  2. Cut out each template using scissors or a craft knife.
  3. Glue lettered pieces together (sides of lid and sides of box bottom) as indicated on printed card stock.
  4. Score each piece as shown in the scoring guide.
  5. Punch window designs from light-green card stock using the Trellis Loop Trim Deep Edge Punch (or use your design of choice). Trim to fit, and affix behind each of the four windows. Affix shutters to each window.
  6. Assemble the walls (cream-colored).
  7. Cut out the printed "Gold Coin Inn" sign if you haven't already, and affix it to the sign base (found on the dark-green template), being careful not to glue down the support piece built into the back of the sign.
  8. Glue the sign to the roof by its bottom tab, and then affix the two roof panels to the roof. Emboss the roof panels if desired. Glue the roof onto the building.
  9. Bend the end of the sign support piece and glue it to the roof with a dot of glue so that the sign is standing straight up.
  10. Glue the lid together (medium-green pieces), except for the lid liner, which is slightly smaller than the top of the lid.
  11. Temporarily close the house's shutters and slide the house through the opening in the lid.
  12. Glue the four cream-colored tabs at the base of the house in place inside the lid. Affix the lid liner inside the lid.
  13. Affix the two foil-covered coins together with the end of your string or twine between them. Affix the twine inside your house with tape so that the coins hang just inside the front door hole. Trim any excess string.
  14. Assemble the box bottom (dark green pieces). Put on the lid (with the inn attached).
  15. Embellish the inn and box with trim, sequins, gemstone, and moss as desired. Watch this video from SVG Cuts to see how they decorated their inn. 

  16. Lean ladder against trap. 

  17. Now go get a leprechaun!

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