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Our last several months of book club selections have been a little heavy, both in subject matter and in actual size ("The Goldfinch" clocked in at just under 800 pages!). When looking for our newest pick, we wanted to go for something a little different (and for the sake of our bags, a little lighter!), so it's with much excitement that we announce the newest addition to the Living book club, Lorrie Moore's "Bark." We haven't picked up a collection of short stories since early last year, and we can't wait to see what Moore has in store for us.


A new collection of stories by one of America's most beloved and admired short-story writers, her first in fifteen years, since "Birds of America." These eight masterly stories reveal Lorrie Moore at her most mature and in a perfect configuration of craft, mind, and bewitched spirit, as she explores the passage of time and summons up its inevitable sorrows and hilarious pitfalls to reveal her own exquisite, singular wisdom.

Here are people beset, burdened, buoyed; protected by raising teenage children; dating after divorce; facing the serious illness of a longtime friend; setting forth on a romantic assignation abroad, having it interrupted mid-trip, and coming to understand the larger ramifications and the impossibility of the connection ... stories that show people coping with large dislocation in their lives, with risking a new path to answer the desire to be in relation -- to someone. Gimlet-eyed social observation, the public and private absurdities of American life, dramatic irony, and enduring half-cracked love wend their way through each of these narratives in a heartrending mash-up of the tragic and the laugh-out-loud -- the hallmark of life in Lorrie-Moore-land.

If you happen to find yourself in New York City in the near future, Ms. Moore is going to be at Symphony Space on Friday, March 14th, to discuss the new collection. We're hoping to organize a book-club field trip, so tell us if we should be on the lookout for you! Stay tuned throughout the month for updates and initial thoughts, and as always, let us know in the comments below if you're reading along.


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