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American Made: Mosser Glass

Martha Stewart Living, April 2014

At family-owned Mosser Glass, they do things the old-fashioned way -- which may explain why the kitchenware often has the look of vintage jadeite, milk glass, or Depression glass. The late Thomas Mosser founded the Cambridge, Ohio–based company in 1971, after learning the craft over decades at glass manufacturers in the area. At Mosser, a molten mix of soda ash and silica sand is combined with a color (there’s a specific formula for each of the 30-plus shades, from Butter Cream to Black Raspberry) and then dropped into patterned molds. Whether it’s a water pitcher or a bunny candy dish, “every piece is handmade, so no two are alike,” says Mosser’s daughter Sally Johnson, who carries on the business with her sister and brother. “There aren’t too many small glass companies left in America,” she says. “It’s a lost art. We’re proud to continue it.”

Why We Love It

We’ve always been fond of Depression-era glass like this -- Martha is known for her jadeite collection -- and lately we’ve noticed it in some of our favorite design shops, being given a modern treatment mixed with contemporary pieces. The bonus: It is practical enough for everyday use and is dishwasher-safe, too.

Cakestands, in Crown Tuscan and Milk, from $29 each; and mixing-bowl sets, in Milk, Crown Tuscan, and Jadeite, from $54 each;

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