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Foiled Eggs

The fabled “golden egg” never looked quite so cool and organic: Ours were dyed in bright colors, then brushed with copper or gold leaf. And you can get as greedy as you like -- the metallic leaf is surprisingly affordable.

Photography: Gentl and Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2014


Use hard-boiled or hollowed-out eggs. Get the how-to for blowing out an egg.


Gilding adhesive, $7 for 2 oz.; and gilding sheets, $10 for 12 sheets; by Martha Stewart Crafts,


  • Eggs, blown or hard-boiled

  • Food coloring

  • Transfer adhesive

  • 2 stencil brushes

  • Copper and/or gold leaf


  1. Dye eggs with food coloring as desired; let dry.

  2. For a mottled finish, brush a very small amount of transfer adhesive sparingly onto shell. Let dry 25 minutes. (For fully gilded eggs, brush adhesive all over.)

  3. Press metallic leaf against egg, shiny side down; burnish with fingertips. Peel away paper backing.

  4. For a mottled finish, go over foiled egg with a dry stencil brush; bristles will remove a bit of leaf. (For fully gilded eggs, leave as is.)

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