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Felted Chicks

The downy softness of baby chicks is incredibly appealing, and you can replicate that inviting texture with wool roving: Use it to make little yellow chickies to adorn a twig basket.

Photography: Gentl and Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2014



Fleece roving, by Harrisville, $2.40/oz.; and felting needle, 80 cents;


  • Yellow, orange, and black wool roving

  • Felting needle

  • Felting-needle mat

  • Cloth-covered floral wire

  • Brown marker


  1. Roll yellow roving into a long oval shape; repeatedly poke all over with needle to felt.

  2. Add shape and density to head, neck, and tail by poking those parts more. (The more you poke into an area, the tighter the wool will be and the more shape it will have.) Add roving as needed. Once desired shape is achieved, cover with another layer of roving for a softer appearance.

  3. To make wing, place roving on mat and poke with needle. Repeat. Attach to body by poking at front edge of wing.

  4. Roll tiny bits of black roving and poke into face for eyes. Roll orange roving and poke into face for beak.

  5. Go over floral wire with marker. Cut two 4-inch pieces, twist, and poke through body for legs. Cut two more 2-inch pieces and bend into small V's; twist onto legs for feet. Trim as needed.

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