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Felted Eggs

The downy softness of baby chicks is incredibly appealing, and you can replicate that inviting texture with wool roving: Use it to cover Styrofoam eggs in a variety of colors.

Photography: Gentl and Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2014


Intersperse natural, untreated eggs as well as gold-leafed ones for a playful basket arrangement centerpiece.



Fleece roving, by Harrisville, $2.40 an oz., and felting needle, size 32t, 80 cents,


  • Wool roving

  • Styrofoam egg

  • Felting needle


  1. Stretch a 2-to-3-inch piece of roving off the roll. Lay over egg.

  2. With needle, punch straight through roving into Styrofoam to make it adhere.

  3. Continue process until surface is covered. (The more you poke into an area, the tighter the wool will be and the more shape it will have.)

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