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Striped Egg How-To

You don’t need an artist’s steady hand to paint these graphic stripes on Easter eggs. The trick to uniform bands is a notched cardboard box, which helps control the egg and paintbrush.

Photography: Burca Avsar

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2014



Multi-Surface craft paint, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from $2 for 2 oz.,


  • Small square cardboard box

  • Awl or corkscrew tip

  • Wooden skewer

  • Blown-out egg, with holes centered at top and bottom. (Learn how to blow out eggs here.)

  • Adhesive putty

  • Paintbrush

  • Craft paint


  1. Cut three pointed notches in one side of box, as shown.

  2. With awl, punch holes on opposite sides of box, 1 inch below top edge, as shown.

  3. Push skewer in 1 side of box, then through holes in egg (enlarge as needed), then through other side of box.

  4. Knead 2 chunks of putty until soft. Pinch onto skewer and each end of egg to hold in place.

  5. Dip brush in water, then in paint. (The larger the brush, the wider the stripe will be.) Hold brush handle in a notch, with bristles resting on egg. Use other hand to turn skewer to make a stripe. Repeat in other notches for more stripes. Let dry.

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