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On My Bookshelf: "Aero" by Thomas O'Brien

Designer Thomas O'Brien's book is full of decorating inspiration you can try in your own home.

Shortly after I moved to New York in 1994, I visited interior designer Thomas O’Brien's store, Aero, in SoHo. I thought it was amazing that someone so talented and original had created such an inspiring place. 

Walking into the store is almost like a peek into O'Brien's attic, and that’s exactly how I felt flipping through his book "Aero: Beginning to Now," written with Lisa Light (Abrams). His style is eclectic, and his book gives people the courage, if not the permission, to surround themselves with beautiful things.

Thomas has turned a passion for collecting into a career. In a lot of ways, I think he’s like Martha –– they both have a point of view and aesthetic that they share with everyone. It’s very democratic.

The book is touted as a “visual memoir” telling the story of Thomas’s growth as a designer through images of his homes and store. He’s an inspiring and inspired arbiter of taste, and I highly recommend this personal look into his brand and aesthetic.

PortraitThomas O'Brien. Photograph by Laura Resen. GalleryWallThe diverse variety of artwork on this gallery wall complements an updated Regency-style sofa. Photograph by Michelle Arcila. LivingRoomA charming aspect of the book is that it includes some behind-the-scenes snapshots the Aero team took over the years. This shot showcases a 1950s Italian sofa and chair upholstered in nubuck leather. Photograph courtesy of Aero. ShelvesA fine example of Thomas's collecting sensibilities. Photograph courtesy of Aero. RoomShot

Something I've always admired about the store is how everything is styled top to bottom, right down to the pens and pencils on the desk. I could move right in! Photograph by Laura Resen.

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