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Decorating Ideas Inspired by Jean-Georges' Newest Restaurant

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting The Inn at Pound Ridge, the newest restaurant by world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in idyllic Pound Ridge, NY. Here in New York City, my go-to spot is Perry Street, another Jean-Georges venture, so I was particularly excited to check out the Inn.

The restaurant features a menu of farm-to-table fare (even the beverages are locally sourced!) and everything was absolutely delicious. But of course what got me most excited was the stunning decor. Jean-Georges' designer, Thomas Juul-Hansen, completely reimagined the 180-year-old building without losing any of its antique appeal. Built in 1833, the Inn still has many of its original architectural features, including a stone floor and four working fireplaces, which are especially striking when combined with elegant urban details.

I thought I’d let you in on some tips and tricks for bringing a few of the Inn's design elements into your own dining room. I found so many reasons, from the vintage dishware to the candlelit dining room, to be inspired. Maybe you can’t renovate your entire home to look like a 19th-century country inn, but you can definitely get away with stealing a few of the smaller design elements pictured below. Have fun, and bon appetit!

1. Vintage Tableware: You can find fantastic retro pieces, like the plates pictured below, at any antique store or thrift shop, or online (just make sure it’s a reputable site, such as 1stdibs or a verified Etsy shop).

Jean Georges Vintage Plates

2. Mismatching Tips: Believe it or not, mismatching items is as much of an art as matching them. Don't get too carried away with the idea that each item has to look totally different from the last. All the pieces should have one or two elements in common. At the Inn, the vintage plates and mugs have contrasting patterns, but they share a white or neutral background. Notice, too, how designer Juul-Hansen tones down the many different patterns and textures on the table by using only simple browns and whites in the rest of the dining room.

Jean Georges Vintage Decor

Balance out your vintage plates and mugs with sleek, modern tumblers and glass candle votives, like the ones pictured below.

Jean Georges Vintage Decor 2

3. Effortless Ambience: I loved that many of the larger candles at the Inn were left bare, without holders, providing an intimate, soothing, old-fashioned atmosphere.

Jean Georges Candles

4. Country-Inspired Flower Arrangements: Opt for small, simple wildflower arrangements to give your dining space a rural feel. Take another cue from the Inn and house them in modern glass vases for a sophisticated contrast.

Jean Georges Candles

5. Lighting Focal Points: Not only does the warm lighting bring attention to the beautiful display of wine glasses above the bar, but its amber glow is also extremely flattering for diners.

Jean Georges Candles

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